Toss one of our signature lavender sachets in your dryer, drawers, suitcase or closet to give your laundry a boost of fragrance. Each sachet can also be used as a natural air freshener for your home or car. Just squeeze the bag periodically to unlock the aroma. 


Unwind at the end of a long day by sprinkling lavender florets into bathwater or tucking a sachet under your pillow. Or keep a lavender sachet in your pocket for a calming fragrance on the go. Expecting mothers love using our sachets to relieve stress and anxiety during labor!


Combine lavender florets with sunflower oil or aloe vera, then rub onto your skin for an all-natural insect repellant. Store our lavender sachets in your closet or hang them in your garden to repel moths, rodents, and pests! 


Our lavender dryer sachets are the perfect addition to your wedding. Simply have each guest tear open their sachet and toss the florets into the air during the bride and groom's departure. It's a fragrant and environmentally-safe farewell!


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